Sunday, February 8, 2009

OPA! Greek/Venezuelan Weddings are FUN!

Who says you can't make the most of both cultures? On January 31, we had the unique opportunity to be a part of the Conde/Papadopoulos wedding at The Palms, South Beach. I met the couple about two months ago and it was a roller coaster ever since! I was first informed that they would be married in a Greek Church, that the groom had a best man that was actually a woman, or as the Greeks call it a koumbara, and there would be plate breaking! Wedding planners live for this kind of stuff. Then, we get the the next loop on the ride: the bride is pregnant! But, it doesn't end there....

Next, we find out that they will also be celebrating the Venezuelan tradition of "Cotillion". For those of you who haven't seen something like this before, it is a real treat. Under each table, we place a big white box full of funny glasses, noisemakers, hats, wigs, funny headbands, and other crazy and loud items. Before the end of the night, the DJ makes a loud announcement. The bride and groom disappear (with some sly magician work on behalf of the wedding planners) and re-enter the ballroom with the most ridiculous attire. For our Nico and Carla, I think they were going for Elvis and his "BABE". In the circle of fun, Miguel Irias of Miguel Irias Photography took some amazing shots and let me tell you I have no idea how he got around the huge crowd of guests overtaking the dance floor. Miguel, your awesome.

This is what us Wedding Planners live for: a beautiful in love couple about to start their journey together and a little piece of their journey included us. Thank you Nico and Carla for letting us throw rose petals, where funny glasses, and most of all getting to know you as not just clients but also as friends.