Sunday, August 29, 2010

Birthday Parties on a Budget!

Turning the big 3-0 can be a big milestone for many people. Some say that the 30's are the best years of their lives. Most people have begun to find themselves and feel a sense of comfort in "their own skin". For my dear friend and sister, Punam, this is definitely so. Some people dread turning the big 3-0, but Punam is embracing it! When I was first approached to plan this fabulous soiree, I was truly humbled and honored to celebrate in her 30 year milestone but also in the announcement of her pregnancy to over 35 of her closest family and friends. As crazy as Punam is and the big creative visions she holds, she wanted to transform her home into a Mediterranean lounge on a $200 decor budget. Alongside her husband Dal, the keeper of the funds and movie maker extraordinaire, we began the journey. Let me stop here for a moment and say how I truly witnessed how much Dal would do for her. He really wanted this to be a moment in her life she would really remember, no matter how many 6PM phone calls he had to make to my cell phone. So we were off!

I was on the hunt for a look, so why not look to the source. After numerous magazine clippings and research on one of my favorite places on earth, Turkey (if you've never been there you have to go!), I had the look! Now, I had to find "the person with the goods". After an Orlando hunt, I had her. Big Shout out to my new homegirl, Pinky! She had the goods, beautiful fabrics, carpets, low-tables, lanterns all for an affordable price! With a little finesse and some Chipotle, TEAM decor was in action. Another affordable tip, do you know anyone who has been to an Indian wedding or have you participated in one? Use your sari and drape a mirror, a sofa, or even a banister. It looks great and doesn't cost you a thing.

We had a transformed home, great food from Kabob including hummus, chicken and beef skewers, pita bread, tabbouleh, grape leaves, and much more! For an extra special touch, guests enjoyed tarot cards from Madame Tussa in a special reading area. Bellydancing and Zorba music played as guests formed a circle with the their coin belts to show off their best Shakira moves! During the night, we presented "30 years of Punam" movie in which the video ended with an extra special announcement for guests that said, "P.S., Punam is pregnant"!

What a celebration! Thank you Punam for your extra special friendship and trusting me with this new 10 year's of adventures!

And you can do the same thing with the right kind of help and a small budget. These moments should be remembered and that's why we are here! Tell your friends,

Monday, August 23, 2010

20 years for Hialeah Miami Lakes!

On July 31st, Mia Restaurant and Ultra Lounge opened it's doors to the most fabulous "class" of people Hialeah Miami Lakes has ever seen: Class of 1990! Led by the guru who embraces life, Wayne Louk and the fabulous group of committee members, we had over 120 guests who celebrated alongside fellow classmates.At Ryncta Productions, I can't say we've ever seen a class that was so bonded and so connected with one another. We truly enjoyed working with the committee over a period of six months, and being involved in their memories over the years.

The night included a walk down memory lane with a slideshow of some of the best images, music that rocked the house in the early 90s, courtesy of Jay Meletiche, and so much dancing and shouting it made my head spin, literally!

We want to thank all the Class of 1990 members that attended and we really enjoyed making your night special and over the top! With such strength and love in your class, we at Ryncta Productions, believe you will be celebrating together for years to come.

Special thanks to Milagros for your beautiful photography and Jay Meletiche on the ones and twos. Also, thank you Wayne for letting Ryncta Productions be a part of your special event! You are truly our Cuban Bruce Lee!