Thursday, September 1, 2011

Showcase your baby- Finding the right baby photographer

When that new bundle of joy enters your family, he or she brings smiles on every face. Then you realize that it is very important to capture these special memories which are not going to last for many days as the child will ultimately grow up one day. The small soft hands, the mini legs, the innocent yawning and untimely smiles are just here for few months. Then it becomes an extreme desire to capture them in a frame forever. Here comes the real work of the baby photographer who is committed to make your special days memorable by clicking them.

Baby photography is a job which requires the photographer to be the most patient in nature. It is well understood that a photographer cannot make the baby give smiles and poses as per the need. Instead here the baby is the commander and maker of rules and the baby just has to obey. Babies are the most moody with no proper timings of their activities. The prime difficulty which is faced by the baby photographer is that there are no fixed timings of when the baby will sleep or awake, cry or smile added with the carefulness with which the baby is to be handled.

With the soft hands, the newborn photographer needs to handle the baby under the guidance of the mother. You will be surprised and happy to see when the baby photographer will take the utmost care while clicking the pictures as they are professionally trained for doing all this stuff. Baby photography does not mean clicking the baby only. It includes a lot more things under its umbrella ranging from the wardrobe of the baby to the cot and other cute material. If you have a special separate room for the baby or any other special arrangements to welcome the baby at home, that too can be captured.

Baby photographers also take care of the special needs of the baby. Long working hours and odd timings of work are no problems for the newborn photographers. So without any hesitation you can make the plans with the photographers to find a comfortable time for the baby. Props are important so make sure to hire someone who can provide those. Here are some steps to take when choosing one:

Decide Your Budget Range and Style

The first step in choosing a baby photographer is to decide on a style preference. Do you prefer a modern look, a classic look, outdoors, indoors, colorful or black and white? Many photographers have a distinct look, and you may want to consider if their style suits your home décor. Additionally, prices will vary according to which photographer you choose. Lower priced photographers will allow you to purchase more prints, while higher-end photographers provide added services such as helping you design custom artwork for your home. So keep your style preference and budget at the top of your mind, as feeling confident about these two factors will help you be more efficient in your search for the perfect baby photographer.

Research Baby Photographers Online

The second step in choosing a baby photographer is to browse the websites of photographers in your area. Make a list of a few artists who are compatible with your style and your budget. As a general rule, photographers will most often display their best photos online to attract potential clients. If you don’t like what you see on the website, chances are high that you might not like their work in person.

Call Your Baby Photographer Choices and Narrow the List

Once you have a list of your top choices, call the photographers to determine if you “click” with them on a personal level. After all, this person will play an integral role in documenting your family history, so you want to ensure you like them. Be open and communicative about your wishes, needs and budget ideas. Get a “feel” for the energy, the setting and the photographer’s ideas, take your time and make the right decision.

Know Your Photography Goals

A reputable and professional baby photographer will try and determine your goals and needs to ensure they provide you with the best possible service. Questions you may want to be able to answer include:
Are you looking for custom wall art or something smaller to document this particular time? This answer can play a major factor in your choice as you might invest in a higher-end photographer for your wall art and try various styles for your smaller prints.
What is your priority and main goal of booking this baby photography session?
Will this photo begin or follow an established family tradition? If it follows a family tradition, ensure you explain your needs fully or provide visual examples.

Remember, establishing a relationship and communicating your goals is the best step to success in hiring the ideal baby photographer for you. Follow these simple rules and you will be on your way to capturing the best memories of your new baby.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Birthday Parties on a Budget!

Turning the big 3-0 can be a big milestone for many people. Some say that the 30's are the best years of their lives. Most people have begun to find themselves and feel a sense of comfort in "their own skin". For my dear friend and sister, Punam, this is definitely so. Some people dread turning the big 3-0, but Punam is embracing it! When I was first approached to plan this fabulous soiree, I was truly humbled and honored to celebrate in her 30 year milestone but also in the announcement of her pregnancy to over 35 of her closest family and friends. As crazy as Punam is and the big creative visions she holds, she wanted to transform her home into a Mediterranean lounge on a $200 decor budget. Alongside her husband Dal, the keeper of the funds and movie maker extraordinaire, we began the journey. Let me stop here for a moment and say how I truly witnessed how much Dal would do for her. He really wanted this to be a moment in her life she would really remember, no matter how many 6PM phone calls he had to make to my cell phone. So we were off!

I was on the hunt for a look, so why not look to the source. After numerous magazine clippings and research on one of my favorite places on earth, Turkey (if you've never been there you have to go!), I had the look! Now, I had to find "the person with the goods". After an Orlando hunt, I had her. Big Shout out to my new homegirl, Pinky! She had the goods, beautiful fabrics, carpets, low-tables, lanterns all for an affordable price! With a little finesse and some Chipotle, TEAM decor was in action. Another affordable tip, do you know anyone who has been to an Indian wedding or have you participated in one? Use your sari and drape a mirror, a sofa, or even a banister. It looks great and doesn't cost you a thing.

We had a transformed home, great food from Kabob including hummus, chicken and beef skewers, pita bread, tabbouleh, grape leaves, and much more! For an extra special touch, guests enjoyed tarot cards from Madame Tussa in a special reading area. Bellydancing and Zorba music played as guests formed a circle with the their coin belts to show off their best Shakira moves! During the night, we presented "30 years of Punam" movie in which the video ended with an extra special announcement for guests that said, "P.S., Punam is pregnant"!

What a celebration! Thank you Punam for your extra special friendship and trusting me with this new 10 year's of adventures!

And you can do the same thing with the right kind of help and a small budget. These moments should be remembered and that's why we are here! Tell your friends,

Monday, August 23, 2010

20 years for Hialeah Miami Lakes!

On July 31st, Mia Restaurant and Ultra Lounge opened it's doors to the most fabulous "class" of people Hialeah Miami Lakes has ever seen: Class of 1990! Led by the guru who embraces life, Wayne Louk and the fabulous group of committee members, we had over 120 guests who celebrated alongside fellow classmates.At Ryncta Productions, I can't say we've ever seen a class that was so bonded and so connected with one another. We truly enjoyed working with the committee over a period of six months, and being involved in their memories over the years.

The night included a walk down memory lane with a slideshow of some of the best images, music that rocked the house in the early 90s, courtesy of Jay Meletiche, and so much dancing and shouting it made my head spin, literally!

We want to thank all the Class of 1990 members that attended and we really enjoyed making your night special and over the top! With such strength and love in your class, we at Ryncta Productions, believe you will be celebrating together for years to come.

Special thanks to Milagros for your beautiful photography and Jay Meletiche on the ones and twos. Also, thank you Wayne for letting Ryncta Productions be a part of your special event! You are truly our Cuban Bruce Lee!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Garba Raas - Rich, Colorful, Vibrant!

This past Memorial Day, I had the pleasure of attending and helping my neighbor's Radha and Mahesh as they entered into holy matrimony, Indian-style. The celebration of their nuptials lasted over a five day period where the entire family was involved in planning, performing family traditions, and hiring the best of the best in the wedding industry. Not to mention, the fabulous write-up they received in the Orlando Sentinel .

The reason we, at Ryncta Productions, love the Indian culture is because of the intricacy that goes into every detail, from over the top catered buffets at every event to the imported sarees that brides travel all the way to India to get custom made.

One of my favorite moments of the entire series of events was the Garba Raas. Garba is an Indian form of dance that originated in the Gujarat region. It is more similar to Western folk dance than to the presentational style of Indian classical dances such as bharatanatyam and odissi. The name garba comes from the Sanskrit term Garba ("womb") and Deep ("a small earthenware lamp"). Many traditional garbas are performed around a central lit lamp, but in Radha and Mahesh's case around a large revolving peacock shrine with endless gems and elaborate candles. The circular and spiral figures of Garba have similarities to other spiritual dances.

Guests dance around the center, bending sideways at every step, their arms making sweeping gestures, each movement ending in a clap. As I took my first "leap" into the beautiful circle of colorful, free-flowing grandmothers leading the circle, I felt a sense of pride in experiencing the beauty of this culture. Although the dance was quite simple, family elders throw in their own special touches by adding in semi-circles, and spinning in circles with other family members seeing how fast they can go! And, this goes on for more than 45 minutes and you wonder if it will ever stop, but then it keeps getting faster and more intense! The family members seemed to embrace my presence and I was even asked if I was a professional Indian Dancer!

There was also a huge interest in Garba amongst the youth of the Indian and in particular Gujarati diaspora in Garba. Garba and Dandiya Raas are popular in America where more than 20 Universities have Raas Garba Competitions of a huge scale every year with professional choreography. During the Garba Raas, dance is the most important element of the traditions. A dance group from the local university came in with the bridal party as they were being introduced and added the extra touch of glamour to an already over the top event.

Eventually, the dance switched to Raas, another Gujurati dance with sticks and my personal favorite. If you ever loved to play the drums and square dance, you love some Raas! Guests were given a set of two colorful sticks, which they would play across for another person in a line. And what I learned about this dance is once you start in the line, you aren't leaving for a good 45 minutes, so be prepared to bang it out!

The bride and groom had so much energy and participated in everything and that was simply beautiful. Also, Garba can be enjoyed by all and is a good form of exercise.

I was impressed with the level of compassion between the Indian community, the acceptance of other cultures, and the detail of decor. Indian weddings are elaborate because in past traditions it was a celebration owned by the entire community, and sometimes when the bride married, she'd be sent off to another village, and may not see her family and friends for a very long time. I think it's important for all of us to look back at our own heritages and incorporate elements of our own cultures, so that we can appreciate all our ancestors did to form our traditions today.

Radha and Mahesh, they were a beautiful couple, inside and out, who truly honored their culture and shared that with me. Thank you for letting us be a part of your memories!

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Ryan Gonzalez
Ryncta Productions, Inc.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Season for Bridal Showers- Fun Ideas for the perfect event!

How the heck did we come up with the celebration"Bridal Shower" and how the heck did it start? The Bridal Shower originated with the intent to strengthen friendships between the bride and her friends. In this gathering, the bride’s friends would give her moral support and help her prepare for her marriage. The idea to give gifts is fairly new; originating circa the 1890’s. At one shower, the bride’s friend placed small gifts inside a parasol and opened it over the bride’s head so that the presents would "shower" over her. When word of this hit the fashion pages, people were so taken with the idea that they decided to do the same at their showers.

Getting gifts hitting me over my head may not be my idea of the perfect bridal shower but it's important to us at Ryncta Productions to give you some fun ideas when planning your next shower on a budget or some fun ways we can do it for you! Here are just a few great ideas:

1) Entertainent Theme- Want to have a fun co-ed shower? This is a fun theme for a bride and groom who are movie buffs or love sports. Why not make a fun entertainment lounge or movie theater in a rec room or rent out a small movie theater? You could do your invitations on old movie postcards that feature classic couples on stage and on screen and serve fun foods such as popcorn, licorice, and movie theater favorites. Fun games to play would include wedding karaoke, or even a fun movie quiz challenge.

2)"Green" or bohemian bride- This bride likes to be different so why not set up an evening of eclectic foods and gifts to pamper her. This theme would work best in a small tearoom or cafe or at a spa. Hire a fortune teller or mehndi artist to entertain the guests and set-up a goddess goodies bar where guests can indulge in some of their favorites such as nail polish, bath beads, aromatherapy oils, incense, etc. and let the ladies scoop some of these goodies into their gift bags. Set up the event Morrocan style with pillows on the floor, serve drinks in Morrocan tea glasses, provide fun bangles, and serve fun satays on sticks!

3)Sin and Heaven Theme (for the playful, sexy and sophisticated bride)- It's the perfect combination for a chocolate lover's lingerie shower. This theme would work best in an intimate room in your home or at a fancy chocolate shop. Decorate your space with sexy reds and pinks and why not write your invitations in lipstick or include a chocolate kiss. Guests should be advised to bring slippers, shoes, sexy mood-enhancing CD's, undies, teddies, and jammies for the bride. Serve Hot Cha-cha chocolate, mocha liqueur cups, anf fun Bridal sweet martinis. Play a fun wedding night game where someone writes what the bride says after opening each gift. When all gifts are opened, read her phrases back out loud with the proper giggle-inducing emphasis- you want to sound like she might on her wedding night.

The bridal shower is something that should be planned in advance and given a lot of thought. The bridal shower is espiecially personal and intensifies the excitement about the big day to come. What I hope you'll take from this is that in planning a bridal shower "anything goes". We are always here to help you make your vision perfect and best of luck to you!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Meet the Martinez Family!

Happy New Year Ryncta Fans!

The Christmas season did not go without love this year in the Ryncta family. Between all the kisses under the mistletoe, hot cocoas by the fire, and time spent with the family, I can't go without mentioning one of the most important memories I was lucky enough to be a part of. About 10 months ago, I met Chela and Gabe from San Francisco. Fun-loving, full of spunk and compassion, I then became a part of their story. Some of our best conversations involved some of my favorite topics such as jelly beans, tango dancing, and visiting boutique hotels. And I can't imagine how tasting cake and alfajores, having drinks at some of South Florida's most fantastic venues, and spending hours listening to some of their favorite music was unbearable for them lol,(being sarcastic). After months of emailing, setting them up with some fantastic vendors, and my daily conversations with Chela discussing everything from bustles to pumpkin cheesecake, we were ready to bring the loving couple down the aisle in "style".

The Sundy House and the fantastic staff AJ and Anayda provided the perfect comfortable "home meets romance" feel. They are one of my favorite vendors! The setting itself mixed with the unique blend of orchids and arrangements provided by my favorite Brit Jackie and the team at J.P. Morgan Flowers, added the right amount of flair! To capture all this beauty, I relied as always on my right hand man Miguel and his team at Miguel Irias Photography. Photo above.
And let's not forget DJ Shawn on the ones and twos with Complete Music!

But at the end of the day, a wedding is not a wedding without the blushing bride and her groom. She was absolutely gorgeous thanks to hair by Miriam and makeup by Rocio. She looked beautiful, had love in her eyes, and for that I am grateful for my job.

Martinez Family thanks for allowing us to meet such beautiful people, for letting us mingle with the "crazy" aunt, and most importantly choosing us to share in your moment. We will never forget it!

Ryan Gonzalez
Ryncta Productions, Inc.
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Fa La La La La...Holiday Parties with a twist!

Congratulations my friends! You've made it to the 10th month of 2009. The time of year when the weather starts to cool, the "Boots" come out, and you local drugstore is filled with candy corns, pumpkins, and the occasional dancing Santa Claus.If you haven't caught it already, there is a new bug out there (and it's not the Swine flu). We are talking about the Holiday bug. All of a sudden, nothing seems as bad. The tunes start pouring in on the radio and your phone calls from friends and family begin to increase. But then, the awaited questions start, "What are you doing for the holidays? You having a party? How can we make it different this year?" Or maybe it's your boss or employees, "Where are we going to have our Annual Holiday Party? Can we even afford a party? Who is going to plan it? Who in our company even has time?!"

No one needs this kind of stress especially at the end of the year when we all should be celebrating. That's where organized folks like ourselves come into play. The superheros of organization and creativity, Ryncta Productions (I think we need a theme song already!)Here are some simple ideas you can try to bring some jingle to your party and some cheer to your guests. Enjoy!

1)Give the gift of a Gratitude Box
This holiday season, give a gift that comes from the heart with a gratitude box.The cost is as little as $6 to $36 to make, depending on how elaborate you want to get. You can cover a shoe box in wrapping paper or buy cheap, fun boxes online, for as little as $2 a piece A beautiful ribbon adds a personal touch with a monogram made from hot glue or hot glue some cranberries. Pine cones, flowers or other seasonal items also make great garnishes.If you're hosting a party or having a holiday meal, buy small boxes and have them waiting for your guests at their place settings. Next, ask your guests to write a special note to each person at the table. To make it easy, create printable note cards:
"What I love about you…"
"Thank you for…"
"My holiday wish for you…"
Print out and cut up multiple copies so your guests can write their messages and slip them into each guest's box. Your guests will go home with lovely party favors filled with heartfelt sentiments.

2) Create edible centerpieces- Individual sweets on a pedestal in the middle of each table double as décor and dessert! Picture candy apples dipped in caramel or chocolate and then individually wrapped in cellophane with beautiful ribbon and nested among evergreen sprigs. Not only will the centerpieces look festive and eye-catching, guests can either eat their candy apples for dessert or take them home as favors. You can also cut a few pieces of evergreen from your Christmas tree to use as the base.

3) Specialize your drinks instead of a full bar- Instead of a full bar for a party or dinner consider having a few special mixed drinks only. For example, have just Hot Toddy Holiday Cocktails and mint martinis. Fewer drinks means fewer ingredients and means that you can buy larger (and less expensive) mixers and alcohol bottles. For more ideas about holiday drinks read 10 New Years Eve Party Cocktail Recipes.

4) Make it fun, bring your kid out- One of my favorites is a Charlie Brown themed Christmas Party. A Charlie Brown Christmas has been charming the world with it's touching tale of the true meaning of Christmas. Google it! Your party could be the talk of the year! Gotta love Charlie Brown!

5)Why not have your holiday party after the holiday?- There are no rule books, so why not have something that your family and friends can still look forward to?? Hire a planner who is tasked with cutting costs, and then schedule your event for January, when the holiday rush is over, enabling your planner to better negotiate rates. Once the holiday season is over, vendors will cut costs even more and you will be able to enjoy more perks!

Want more tips?? I'm here to help! Become a fan of Ryncta Productions, Inc. or visit our website at

Happy Holiday party planning!

Ryan Gonzalez
Ryncta Productions, Inc.