Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Click, Snap, Shoot, PROPS!

Your wedding photos play witness to your day, add a visual to the unseen eye (your children, future relatives & friends), and they map out the most important day of your life from start to finish. A photo is just not your photo unless you take the time out to make it yours. The wedding day is probably the most important time for every married couple. These moments must be captured so they last forever. Since weddings happen only once in a lifetime, the photos must be of top quality and must capture the true feeling of the moment. Photographs should capture all the special moments of a wedding. As whatever happens that day will not come again in life. Wedding photographs leave an everlasting memory in the life and family of all members. Once the wedding is over, one can keep those wonderful memories alive only through wedding photographs. Even after the couple grows old, they can show the photographs to their later generation and could recall all past memories.

Alina and Don did a fantastic job at using their surroundings and props to add some SPICE and DRAMA to Clearwater Beach. With the evolution of technology, the possibilities are endless when it comes to making your wedding photos gush with creativity! Photographers can do amazing shots but sometimes many lack the creativities of how to add items into the photo that can enhance your look. You simply cannot rely on your photographer to show up on your wedding days with ideas and props to put in the picture.

Alina and Don gave their wedding a tad of everything that defined them as they wanted to be remembered and I truly admired the thought and love that it took to come up with such fantastic ideas. I loved their use of the wedding color blue. The blue backdrops for the showcasing of her wedding shoes, to the starfish swags hanging from the guests chairs, to the photojournalistic emphasis on the bridesmaids feet as they entered the ceremony with feet jewelry playing up their blue, summery, fun dresses. My absolute favorite wedding shots have to be the parasol shots. The parasol, in my opinion, is the best prop for a beach wedding because there are so many ways you can incorporate these into your wedding day. It can be used as an alternative for a wedding bouquet, an added accessory to photos, and even a sun protector on the hottest days. A parasol can do wonders in your photos and give you the classy and professional look that your wedding day photography needs.

Things to think about - firstly, you need to feel comfortable and most importantly be yourself so that your unique personality would reflect on the photos. But a girl needs all the help she can get and if a few props will help you to relax and have fun – why not! Take some props with or ask the photographer to supply some interesting objects that you can use during your photo shoot, for example a hat, colorful sarong (that will double up to keep your dress clean in case you have to get down and dirty), a wedding invitation, your garter, a cigar for the groom etc . Give your photographer some healthy attitude and the right tools to be creative.

We so often invest our precious time in things that won’t last – yes, its important that you look absolutely breathtaking but besides looking beautiful, the photo shoot takes priority as this is what you would take with you long after the champagne has lost its bubble. You can either shy away and lose out on stunning memories or you can forget yourself, go beyond yourself and have fun! I know Alina and Don sure did! Thanks to the Shaw's for bringing me along for the ride!

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