Monday, October 19, 2009

Fa La La La La...Holiday Parties with a twist!

Congratulations my friends! You've made it to the 10th month of 2009. The time of year when the weather starts to cool, the "Boots" come out, and you local drugstore is filled with candy corns, pumpkins, and the occasional dancing Santa Claus.If you haven't caught it already, there is a new bug out there (and it's not the Swine flu). We are talking about the Holiday bug. All of a sudden, nothing seems as bad. The tunes start pouring in on the radio and your phone calls from friends and family begin to increase. But then, the awaited questions start, "What are you doing for the holidays? You having a party? How can we make it different this year?" Or maybe it's your boss or employees, "Where are we going to have our Annual Holiday Party? Can we even afford a party? Who is going to plan it? Who in our company even has time?!"

No one needs this kind of stress especially at the end of the year when we all should be celebrating. That's where organized folks like ourselves come into play. The superheros of organization and creativity, Ryncta Productions (I think we need a theme song already!)Here are some simple ideas you can try to bring some jingle to your party and some cheer to your guests. Enjoy!

1)Give the gift of a Gratitude Box
This holiday season, give a gift that comes from the heart with a gratitude box.The cost is as little as $6 to $36 to make, depending on how elaborate you want to get. You can cover a shoe box in wrapping paper or buy cheap, fun boxes online, for as little as $2 a piece A beautiful ribbon adds a personal touch with a monogram made from hot glue or hot glue some cranberries. Pine cones, flowers or other seasonal items also make great garnishes.If you're hosting a party or having a holiday meal, buy small boxes and have them waiting for your guests at their place settings. Next, ask your guests to write a special note to each person at the table. To make it easy, create printable note cards:
"What I love about you…"
"Thank you for…"
"My holiday wish for you…"
Print out and cut up multiple copies so your guests can write their messages and slip them into each guest's box. Your guests will go home with lovely party favors filled with heartfelt sentiments.

2) Create edible centerpieces- Individual sweets on a pedestal in the middle of each table double as décor and dessert! Picture candy apples dipped in caramel or chocolate and then individually wrapped in cellophane with beautiful ribbon and nested among evergreen sprigs. Not only will the centerpieces look festive and eye-catching, guests can either eat their candy apples for dessert or take them home as favors. You can also cut a few pieces of evergreen from your Christmas tree to use as the base.

3) Specialize your drinks instead of a full bar- Instead of a full bar for a party or dinner consider having a few special mixed drinks only. For example, have just Hot Toddy Holiday Cocktails and mint martinis. Fewer drinks means fewer ingredients and means that you can buy larger (and less expensive) mixers and alcohol bottles. For more ideas about holiday drinks read 10 New Years Eve Party Cocktail Recipes.

4) Make it fun, bring your kid out- One of my favorites is a Charlie Brown themed Christmas Party. A Charlie Brown Christmas has been charming the world with it's touching tale of the true meaning of Christmas. Google it! Your party could be the talk of the year! Gotta love Charlie Brown!

5)Why not have your holiday party after the holiday?- There are no rule books, so why not have something that your family and friends can still look forward to?? Hire a planner who is tasked with cutting costs, and then schedule your event for January, when the holiday rush is over, enabling your planner to better negotiate rates. Once the holiday season is over, vendors will cut costs even more and you will be able to enjoy more perks!

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Happy Holiday party planning!

Ryan Gonzalez
Ryncta Productions, Inc.